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Discover RDV

“The partnership with RDV has reinforced the operations of the supply department in search of work routine simplification. It has also added value to the main stages of services or material purchasing in our chain of suppliers.”

Cláudio Ribeiro Henriques
Supplies | Procurement at Vale S.A.

“The experience with RDV was excellent. Working towards the Standard Instruction 66 and EFD-Contribuções, I can tell you that the partnership was excellent, deadlines were accomplished and the contracted services were completely delivered with the expected quality. Now we are beginning a new relationship focusing the STS and DFe XML tools. We expect the relationship to flow as it was in the previous work.  Summarizing,RDV brand represents: a team having a high technical knowledge, complete partnership with the client, flexibility and excellent services.”

Rosiane Alves de Souza
Tax at Vale S.A.

“RDV shows seriousness and commitment to its clients. Our relationship started six years ago through a project that was presented to us. The SCA Group is satisfied with the services up to today.”

Sérgio Manfroi
Superintendent Director at SCA Furniture

“I would like to thank RDV for the work and partnership. The technical knowledge of the team was of great value so we could reach success in our operation.”

Sérgio Cavalcante d'Albuquerque Filho
Human Resources at Vale S.A.

“RDV is always willing to contribute to our growth through agile and effective solutions. Our partnership and mutual compromise enable us to plan for a shiny, promising future for all of us.”

Cassiana Degasperi
Corporate Manager at Irapuru Transportes

“Responsiveness is a very important characteristic right now. RDV has always allowed us to remain informed and prepared for any decision. During our partnership, we always recommended RDV’s services, because the company employs a distinguished team of serious, agile professionals.”

Rogério Pereira de Siqueira
Business and Finance Manager at Acrilys do Brasil